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About Camping

Your Runaway Country experience isn't complete without taking up residence in one of our campground locations for the weekend. Music lovers at Runaway have established new friendships and created annual traditions as only a music festival can deliver. Come together in a friendly and exciting atmosphere, set up your camp in a community that is committed only to having a good time!

Please Note: Anybody wishing to enter the campgrounds must be wearing either a 3-Day General Admission or 3-Day Weekend Reserved wristband.


Reserve Early!

Most sections sell-out early. We suggest you pick out your location(s), get your group together and reserve your sites when they go on sale. Please be sure you are reserving the section that is correct for your camping gear!

Love your neighbors! All gear including autos, tents, coolers, awnings and tie-down straps MUST fit within your designated campsite.

Your campsite provides for 1 sleeping unit and 1 steering wheel.

2 Extra Camping Car passes are available to campsite holder only. Extra cars must either fit on your campsite or in designated XCC parking area.

Remember, you are reserving by Section and Campsite#. Your site is reserved for you.

Please review Camping Rules & Regulations.

Campgrounds: Please refer to the Maps for Site #s, locations, campsite size, available services and prices.

Campground Policies

For the safety and enjoyment of everybody attending, please read and abide by the following rules.
Making yourself familiar with Festival policies will help make your experience go smoothly so you can focus on having a good time.

1. You must be wearing a 3-day general admission or 3-day reserved wristband to access the campgrounds. Anyone found in any camping areas without the proper passes are subject to trespassing charges. Single day ticket holders and non-ticketed guests are not permitted in any camping area.


3. Insurance regulations prohibit the use of ATV's, golf carts, and other personal recreational vehicles. They will be impounded and assessed an impound fee.

4. Campsite holder can purchase an Extra Vehicle Camping Car Pass by phone only, 321-549-4204 .

5. All minors attending Runaway Country must be accompanied by at least one ticketed parent or legal guardian.

6. Sexually aggressive or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

7. People who sneak into Runaway Country without paying will be ticketed for trespassing. Any violators of the law may be subject to arrest. Report intruders to police or security personnel.

8. Please respect the park. Keep your campsite clean throughout the weekend. Bag all trash and place it in the dumpsters.
We appreciate your help in keeping the park clean for all to enjoy.

9. All campsites must be cleaned and all camping equipment removed by Monday at 12 noon.

10. Please do not park vehicles on the campground roads. Illegally parked vehicles will be towed and you will be assessed a towing and impound fee. All equipment, tents or RVs must fit within your campsite.

11.Charging for any kind of beverage at private parties is illegal.

12. Unauthorized vending is strictly prohibited.

13. Kegs and glass containers are not allowed in any camping area. These items will be confiscated.

14. No weapons of any kind permitted in the park even if you have a conceal carry permit.

15. Open fires are prohibited. Cooking grills are OK.

16. For the safety of all guests, special traffic patterns have been established. Please obey all traffic signs and traffic personnel. They are there to assist and to help move traffic as safely and efficiently as possible. Please keep in mind, heavy traffic will occur from time to time.

17. Cruising or riding in the back of pickup trucks is prohibited in the park and in all campgrounds.

18. We remind everyone camping at Osceola Heritage Park (OHP) that they do so at their own risk. OHP, Osceola County, the City of Kissimmee, the promoters, managers, and owners of Runaway Country assume no responsibility for the actions of any guests or visitors to these areas.

19. No amplified PA systems, DJs or sound systems will be allowed or operated in any camping area.

20. Please be courteous to your neighbors. Have fun but respect others. Anyone acting abusive or causing trouble will be removed from the festival grounds WITH NO REFUND.

21. Your Campsite fee is good for the entire weekend. Fee is for the campsite and not per person.

22. Check in: Anytime after 9AM thru to 7PM on Thur., Fri. or Sat. No need to line-up or rush. Your campsite is reserved for you.

23. Showers are located throughout in the park. Please refer to map for locations.

24. Generators in good working order with proper mufflers and side tower exhaust are OK until 2AM.

You must use a side tower exhaust if you have a camper/RV with built in generators.

Side Tower exhausts are available from camping/RV retailers.

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